Weird Pizzas from Around the Globe – Strange Toppings

Weird Pizzas

Weird Pizzas aside, traditionally a universal, family favorite, pizza is a mixture of melted cheese, pizza crust, and toppings.

This combination proves to be the perfect experiment in the kitchens of world-renowned chefs and novice cooks alike. Although pizza is trendy in America, we are pretty tame compared to the rest of the world. 

When it comes to what influences pizza toppings around the world, food culture plays a significant factor in which pizzas become favorites and which ingredients are readily available.

Stretching the limits of the imagination, here are the most extravagant, outrageous, and craziest pies around the world. From plentiful toppings to phenomenal sizes, here are 15 weird pizzas from around the world.

Lobster Pizza

Gold leaf Pizza – Weird Pizzas

Once a casual and straightforward food, this pizza became a classy work of art. Shimmering white pizza speckled with gold leaves, how does it get better than this?

This off-menu special at Ray?s & Stark Bar heats this truffle-infused cheese topped pizza at 800 degrees and showers it with aged balsamic and edible gold.

Pretty tasty!

The Ramen Pizza

Raman Pizza

Originating from Japan, Aoki?s ??Kirin Ramen Pizza?? is another intriguing combination of toppings. Where we sell this pizza, citizens rave about ramen, so why not combine both for an exciting meal?

The boiled noodles are first to go on the crust and tomato sauce. Mozzarella, prawns, and bacon are flowered over the pizza with a dash of soy sauce for a full ramen effect.

Pizza enthusiasts still getting over pineapple toppings have seen nothing yet. They may fall over the edge with this double “carb attack” of noodles on a pizza! 

The Pizza Box Pizza – Weird Pizzas

Vinnie?s Pizzeria in Brooklyn is pushing the boundaries by turning cardboard boxes into more pizza! No waste and a 100% weird pizzas. The rectangular pizza box comes with a round pizza inside for a minimum price of 40$.

In a world facing continuous challenges, this Silician dough with marinara sauce comes with parmesan, mozzarella, and oregano. 

Say goodbye to waste and say hello to a genius invention.

Cheeseburger Pizza

When deciding between a burger or a pizza is a difficult choice, choose this delightful and mind-blowing pizza from Krave It. This Queen canteen often pushes boundaries, and this comfort food is no different!

The secret to this pizza?s success is cooking every topping individually. With a mozzarella crust, homemade burger patties, freshly cut fresh fries and sesame seed buns, this pizza is a memorable one. This masterpiece is taking over social media with its incredible 30$ price tag and topped with fried, cheese, and bacon.

Super Slice Pizza

Super Slice Pizza

With the outrageous pizzas available in New York, it?s without saying that pizza is among favorites in the state. For proof that Americans genuinely love this delicacy, look no further than Pizza Barn.

With pizzas ranging from 24 inches, this tip to crust experience is one you won?t forget.

Flavors ranging from basic cheese to a mac and cheese slice, you enter this experience with the moto ?? go big or go home??.

With slices starting at 10$ a pop, who wouldn?t be up for this challenge?

Cadbury Cream Egg – Weird Pizzas

Cream Egg Pizza

For dessert lovers, this pizza is the hidden gem in a treasure box.

You can find this ravishing pizza at Crazy Pedro?s, in New England. This 10-inch pie covered with chocolate sauce is an Easter favorite.

Sprinkled with marshmallow, meringue, and topped with Cadbury cream eggs, this pizza is known as ?? the ressurEGGction??. A sensational craze, this pizza is the sweet version of the classic Italian pizza.

Indulge in this over the top masterpiece!

Chili Cheese Frito – Weird Pizzas

The list of specialty pizzas at Ian?s is like a game day party.

The menu includes everything from hot buffalo wings to nacho pizza. The real MVP only comes around twice a year.

This Chili cheese Frito is a spectacular option to enjoy when you are in the Milwaukee area. Stew is ladled over the pizza crust and finished with cheddar cheese, onions, sour cream, and Frito?s corn chips.

What?s not to enjoy with this winning combination?

500$ tequila lobster pizza

Lobster Pizza - Weird Pizzas

This pizza is decadent, luxurious, and utterly outrageous. This 500$ pizza claims its fame with three inclusive Patron tequilas. Featuring lobster, caviar, black truffle shavings, mango and avocado. Available at New York?s famous Bodega Negra restaurant, this phenomenal pizza has its hefty price tag along with numerous fans.

An intoxicating pizza, this pastry bears little resemblance to its Italian classic. This meal is tasty and the beginning of a wild adventure with infused top-grade tequila.

The Vulkan Pizza

This Swedish delicacy is an outrageous and terrible looking pizza. With the looks of flatbread with every possible topping, this pizza seems like a mish-mash of leftovers. And, let?s speak about the elephant in the room, where is the pizza sauce?

Including six toppings; steak, bacon, pepperoni, salad, fries, and selection of dipping sauces, this may look like a calzone. Who could deny fries on their pizza?

From Nya Gul & Bla, the price is right. With a mere 15$ price tag, why don?t you experiment a little with this Vulkan Pizza?

South Korea Grand Prix Cookie Crust Pizza

South Korea?s chain Mr.Pizza is full of unusual toppings, but the Grand Prix Cookie crust beats them all. This delicious shrimp and sweet potato pizza come with a soft cookie dough stuffed crust and blueberry dipping sauce.

This bucket list pizza has it all and tastes just like a soft European cookie. If you?d like to try it, there?s now Mr.Pizza in cities all over the world.

Banana Curry Pizza – Weird Pizzas

Banana Curry Pizza - Weird Pizzas

You?ll find this banana curry pizza in the regular pizza or classic section of a Sweden restaurant menu. Often compared to our ham and pineapple pizza, the curry powder is unique and extremely tasteful.

A thin Swedish crust accompanied with tomato sauce, grated smoked cheese, two shredded ripe bananas sprinkled with curry on top. Does it tickle your fancy or sounds terrible? In Sweden, this family favorite is at almost every kiosk in town.

We definitely won?t judge anyone that puts pineapples on their pizza from now on!

EbiMayo Mantai Pizza

For both Americans and Canadians, this pizza may sound ridiculous. Imagine this pizza, topped with shrimp, squid, corn, parsley, spicy cod cream sauce, and mayonnaise. As strange as it may sound to foreigners, this one is a traditional pizza in Japan.

Very hard to find in American cities, this delicacy is amongst favorites in Japan?s local Pizza Hut. Some toppings may blend well together, but can you get over the mayonnaise on your pizza? What about squid? Squid ink is generally combined with the tomato sauce to create a dramatic black sauce and add a slightly fishy taste.

Japan is a go-to destination for many travelers. Perhaps, this will be on your next bucket list!

Let us know below if you have tried it!

Mockba Pizza

Forget our delicious four-cheese pizza; let?s flip it around with a four fish pizza. In Russia, this delicacy is a capital favorite, with its name originating from its central city ??Moscow??. This pizza topped with sardines, mackerel, sardine, tuna, and garnished with onions and served cold to strengthen its unique flavor.

Wow, fishy!

Kangaroo Pizza – Weird Pizzas

Eating kangaroo seems cruel and completely unappealing for residents outside of Australia. We like to think of them as graceful creatures jumping instead of toppings on our pizza.

The Australian Hotel is a crowd favorite and serves classic Australian food with a twist. Marinated in native peppers and served with roasted capsicums and native berries, this sweet and sour flavor completes the saltiness of kangaroo meat. Sometimes garnished with feta cheese and beetroots, this classic is one to try while in Australia.

Other favorites are the saltwater crocodile pizza for a main competitor.

Green Peas Pizza – Weird Pizzas

Pea Pizza - Weird Pizzas

Green vegetables on a pizza don?t sound that strange, does it? We often garnish our pizzas with green bells, spinach, and onions, and they add incredible flavor to a classic pastry.

Brazil brings it to a whole new level. This country doesn?t just like peas as a side dish, but instead, let?s make it the star topping on our pizza. This pizza is garnished with fresh basil, fresh oregano, zucchini, fresh tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, and well-cooked green peas.

What’s your favorite weird pizzas? Have you found any interesting combinations on your travels? Let me know on our Facebook Page or Comment below so we can try it at home.

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