Cheeses Types we Love and Hate

Cheese Types

Most Unforgettable Cheeses Types From Across The Globe From A True Cheese Enthusiast 

The world of cheese doesn?t just end behind the counter at your local grocery store, lets check out the worlds most unforgettable cheeses.

Although Feta, Bocconcini, and Monterey jack cheese types are a lovely addition to your meals, there is a variety of cheese around the world that will make you love cheese even more.

Expensive Unforgettable Cheese Types

While there?s a variety of cheese that won?t scare your bank account, below are the three most expensive cheese types across the world. Intricate and full of hard flavors, these cheese slices are incredibly rare and decadent. Indulgence now has a whole different meaning!


Only available in selected high-end restaurants pull cheese is without doubt, the world?s most expensive cheese. This artisan cheese is made in Serbia, and with the milk of Balkan donkeys, they produce this delicacy.

With a consistency similar to Feta, this creamy cheese costs $600 a pound. It can reach up to 1300 dollars on the market. This masterpiece is made exclusively with the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve, which aims to help the conservation of Balkan Donkeys.

An excellent source of vitamin and protein, this exceptional tasting requires a lot of time and effort. This farmer needs 25 liters of milk to produce one kilogram of pull cheese. Typically, one donkey provides 200 millimeters of milk per day. No wonder this made it on to the list of the most unforgettable cheese.

Certified by the world record academy, this cheese is smoked, flavourful, and among the best of its kind.


The world?s most expensive cheese runner up is Moose specialty cheese. This specialty cheese originating from Bjurholm, Sweden, is made at the Moose House.

Available only in limited quantity, the owner cultivates this treasure from three moose named Juna, Haelga, and Gullan. They can only be milked from May to September and yield approximately 300 kilograms every year. With a price tag of $455 per pound, this cheese claims the second spot in 2020.

Moose need to be handled with care as a slight disturbance can put their products to term. Throughout the process, they can produce four different forms of cheese, which include Feta, creamy blue, dried blue, and creamy mold cheese. Creamy with a dash of spice, moose cheese is one to remember!


 A holiday exclusive adds this beautiful British Cheeseboard to your meal. A dashing price tag of $420 per pound, this delicious cheese is a premium dessert that many celebrities appreciate. 

This cheese is made with premium white Stilton and lavished with gold liqueur that makes this a British delicacy. Only six creameries in the world can produce and distribute this cheese and thus claims the third place.

Mild tasting and a crumbly texture, this excellent appetizer comes in various flavors, including lemon, ginger, and apricots.

Smelliest Unforgettable Cheese Types

While cheese can be costly, some can have a stench that you won?t forget. Cheese isn?t necessarily known to have an appealing odor, but some are exquisite and distinctive. One?s stinky cheese is another?s chef gourmet meal. 

While the stink may shy a few away, these tend to be the most flavorful. From delicacies to extravagance, here are the top 3 smelliest cheese around the globe.


Another suspect on the list of unforgettable cheese types is Stinking bishop, such as the name refers, is one of the most pungent and smelling cheese that you?ll find. Contrary to belief and smell, this aperitif is delicate in flavor and one of a kind.

A full fat pasteurized milk, the aroma behind this cheese is directly intertwined with the rind. The shell is lathered with an alcoholic drink and fermented pear juice, which gives its strong smell and salty flavor.

Originating from Cistercian monks, Farmer Charles Martell is now the sole producer of this delicacy, whereas roots trace back to the twelfth century. With the right accompaniment, this brown and pink cheese on the outside and creamy and smooth on the inside, this Gloucestershire cow cheese is one to try at least once in your lifetime.


Pont Lev?que is one of the oldest Norman cheeses still in production today. Also known as Bishop Bridge, this cheese originated from Normandy, France, and made its first appearance in the 12th century.

Easily paired with red wine, this cheese is full of fruit flavors and rich hazelnut undertones. Sometimes sour, this cow?s milk is unpasteurized and beautifully changes color as it ages. The rind is edible, and when it?s paired with cheese, this rich and elastic consistency is one of a kind.

However you may choose to consume this delicacy, this cheese remains an ancient and ravishing treasure.


Limburger hails from what was once known as Duchy of Limburg, which is now mainly produced in Germany.  This notorious and smelly cheese is often compared to smelly feet as its fermented with the same bacteria that release odors from human beings.

A strong nut flavor and buttery consistency, this consumption is well paired with sliced apples and beer. This cheese is a mouthful of consistent paste, but it reveals a dash of spice that gets stronger over time, and that won?t be forgotten.

For the strong-hearted, they will discover a unique experience. Otherwise, an unpopular choice due to the odor of this bacterium, the Chalet Cheese Cooperative, is now the only producer of its kind in the United States.

Cheese is one of the most consumed foods across the universe and seems to be one of the tastiest. Some say that the smelliest cheese is the most flavorful, and others vary their taste pallet with aging cheese. 

Recently, archaeological findings show a trace of dairy in ancient tombs, and these leftovers date from over 3 000 years. While these findings can?t be consumed, here are the oldest and most flavorful cheese slices on the market today!


Next on the list of unforgettable cheese types, Bitto Storico is a fatty cheese that is only produced by 12 specialists around the world. From Valtellina Valley, this ancient and traditional cheese is considered the oldest edible cheese around the country.

This cheese can be aged up to 18 years, which is a market high. A combination of goat and cow milk, this singularity benefits the production and can be kept for a longer period. The higher concentration of goat milk, the longer the cheese can age.

Usually sold in stores aging between 5 to 10 years, this Italian delicacy is sweet and exquisite. With age, the taste gets bitter and stronger. They spend the summer gazing in on mountain pastures, and from year to year, the flavor of the cheese can change from one wheel to another.

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