December 17, 2017

Korean Chicken Drumsticks – Super Simple Recipe

Korean Chicken Drumsticks

Korean Chicken Drumsticks

I love any Asian food but these Korean Chicken Drumsticks are exceptional.  Sweet, spicy, and salty all in one delicious bite.

Korean Food has such great health benefits so I try to make it at home as often as possible, luckily my children are not too fussy with their food.   Koreans love pickled and fermented foods the favourite being Kimchi.  These are all great for the blood and digestive system, helping boost the Koreans average life expectancy to 82+

Why not try my Kimchie recipe, it pairs perfectly with these sticky drumsticks, and hey, you never know, it might make you live an extra year or 2 🙂

Why not take a look at our Diary Blog to catch up with my families move to Portugal and my struggle to find the ingredients i’m used to in the UK for the food blog, all very frustrating.  But, super fun and worth it!


Korean Sticky Drumsticks


8 chicken drumsticks

Marinade Ingredients

2 tbs gochujang paste

1 tbs honey

1 tbs olive oil

1 tsp crushed garlic

1 tsp crushed ginger

Pinch of salt


Pre-heat oven to 210F / 100C / gas mark 7

Combine all the marinade ingredients together

Place the drumsticks in a large bowl and pour over marinade and evenly coat all the drumsticks

Place on a baking try and cook for 25 minutes then increase heat to 375f/190c for a further 10 minutes until sticky

Serve with your favourite dips


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Author:Sandra McEwan

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