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#articles May 3, 2018
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Do we need more recipe sharing sites?

So, I have been toying with the idea for quite some time and the bottom line is I love to help other bloggers even more than I love writing my own recipes (which is a lot).  So, I’ve decided to make I cook the world one of many Recipe Sharing sites.  The massive advantage being that you will be able to monetise your recipe posts.  I’ve never been so excited to see what recipes you will have in store for us.

I love communicating with other people who love food, I want more varied recipes from all over the world on the website, and I want to be able to help bloggers earn another income stream too.  So this seemed the sensible option.

As you can imagine I want to keep the integrity of the site and carry on growing like we have been over the past year.  So, there will be some conditions to be met.  However, I’m sure you will agree the benefits far outweigh the rules.

The rules:

  1. Original content only (it will be copy checked)
  2. Submissions to include 1 photo only
  3. You must be willing to share the recipe on all of your social media channels
  4. The recipes will be moderated and my team will make a final decision
  5. Recipes must not already be on the I Cook The World website (go to the relevant countries category and check first to save wasting your time)
  6. The recipe submission can have an intro but you agree that it may be subject to change to meet SEO requirements (this helps you as well as us)
  7. All recipe submission requests to be made via the Contact Form and further instructions will be given (we are in the process of building our submission system – subscribe to the email list for updates)
  8. There will be one Adsense Ad allowed within the recipe post which will be placed by us when you share your Adsense code with us

The benefits:

  1. Generate income from your recipe through a well placed ad with your Adsense code
  2. We will create a Pin (We have a LOT of Pinterest views per month) and Social posts linking to your recipe and to your website or social media accounts if you have them
  3. Back-link to your website – The best way to improve your websites SEO (we will also help promote any services you offer if they are Food Blog related)
  4. Raise your profile and showcase your hard work
  5. Prizes for the top performing recipes (You will be notified by email of competitions running and prizes)
  6. If your recipes perform well, they will be featured on additional articles as well as press releases on larger DA blogs
  7. Chance to feature your recipes and/or recipe videos on our new Up and coming YouTube Channel (details to follow)
  8. The chance to appear in our annual recipe book, calendar and other merchandise


We are also looking forward to introducing a chat and forum feature to the website in order to aid our Food Blogger contributors help each other out even further.

I very much appreciate it if you can spread the word amongst your Food Blogging networks.  As you know Blogging is all about the social networking and the more we all get involved the more we can help each other improve.  I would love to hear your feedback, please comment below or use the Contact Form if you have any questions, we always reply within 24 hours.

Looking forward to our collaborations together!

Nicola 🙂


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