1. Helen | hintofhelen.com

    This looks amazing and so healthy! Will add this to my healthy-to-cook list πŸ˜‰

    Courgetti is so good, but I dont have enough space for a spiralizer :’) I get the pre-done boxes of it from Tesco, have you tried butternut squash spaghetti too? *drools*

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  2. Helen

    This looks ah-ma-zing! So quick and easy but so good! Thanks for the lunch inspo!

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  3. Mary Mc Adam

    Lovely looking recipes I must try some, they look so easy to make and I think delicious to eat.

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  4. Corina Blum

    I think roasted red peppers are great as they are so versatile – great for pizzas or salads!

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  6. liz

    Like the sound of this recipe and am going to try it. just wondering about the prep time and cooking times are they correct? thank you for sharing. liz

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    • Nicola Turner

      LOL! Yeah takes about 18 days to make πŸ™‚ i’m sorry, i changed my recipe card and some of them went a bit crazy thanks for pointing it out so i can sort it! Have a great day, thanks for visiting!

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  7. Jacqui Ford

    Made all three and they were delicious. The addition of mayonnaise to the mint yogurt added a little creaminess. I added more mint sauce and chutney to taste. Everyone loved them

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    • Nicola Turner

      Brilliant! Yes i agree with the mayonnaise! Sometime if im not trying to be healthy i add a little too πŸ™‚ Glad everyone enjoyed them xx

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