Moving to Portugal – I Cook The World Diary Week 1

#blog February 6, 2018
moving to portugal

So, the time has finally come, a 10-year plan became a 5-year plan and now there are only 35 days till we make the permanent move to our new place in paradise (AKA Moving to Portugal).


A mix of emotions have washed over me in the last few days and it occurred to me I should definitely be sharing the experience we are all about to go through as a family.  There are new schools, old schools, residency, car registration, bank accounts, closing businesses, opening new businesses (in a foreign language for good measure), and just a few more things to worry about. Not to mention the actual physical moving to Portugal… Who thought it would be so complicated!

I Cook The World Logan

Anyway, let’s rewind a few years, back to the conversation that would change our lives. I specifically remember our first date night after our first child was born (that’s Logan, crazy and charmingly naughty), we asked my mum to babysit overnight and we dined and wined, and wined and wined.  And inevitably come up with a drunken decision to move abroad in 10 years.


I cook the World KylaWe wanted something different for our child or –  as it became later “children”. Enter Kyla (equally crazy but, slightly less naughty!)  Kevin (hubby) was totally stressed living in the south of England, it had become so demanding.  It was over-crowded, polluted and very overpriced to boot.  That’s why we decided we have to get out.


I had always loved Spain, I lived there for a few months before meeting the love of my life (sorry, there doesn’t seem to be a bucket emoji I can pass you!). We had holidayed there a few times but nothing really stood out as being the perfect place to bring up our kids.  After a few years of searching, we just couldn’t find what we were looking for.  We liked a few areas but they were too expensive or else they were too baron or too commercialized or just not right for some other reason.


The first time we thought about Portugal we had seen some programme on TV, one of those buying abroad type shows and we could see that it had a lot to offer and many of the things we had been looking for but we kinda dismissed it.


We wanted to be away from commercializing and that meant central or north Portugal and in our ignorance, we thought they didn’t have such nice weather and maybe it would be a bit too remote.


Over the next couple of years, lots of little things kept happening.  Central Portugal kept popping up on TV and so many people recommended it to us we finally decided we must go and take a good look.  I’m not exaggerating when I say it was love at first sight, I actually remember crying with excitement before the plane even landed.  You know when you just get that feeling inside, and you just know?  We both just looked at each other and were like – wow! We were in love.


So, that was more or less the start of this amazing journey and I’ve decided to share it all with you and more importantly to create a little diary for Logan and Kyla to look back on as they grow up in another country.


Come back every week for updates on the move and to see how we integrate. I’ll share the house hunting experience, the buying process, setting up a business and plans further into the future too.  I hope to inspire people to create the life they want, where they want!  There are no boundaries – Live Big!


POST 2 – The Next Chapter in our Move To Portugal


If you are wondering how we can afford to move off to a new country where there is very little work and how my husband is retiring at 48, check out this free video!  It changed our lives!



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If you have moved to a new country or indeed if you live in Central Portugal or are moving to Portugal, I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment.  I can’t wait to see all the recipes I might be able to find for I Cook The World after moving to Portugal, their food is quite different but I will embrace it and share it with you.

In the meantime here is a Portuguese Fruit Salad recipe as a teaser.


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