Income Report – July 2017 – Month 2

#income August 11, 2017
Income Report - July 2017

Income Report – July 2017 – Month 2 of I Cook The World

Hi, guys and welcome to the Income Report – July 2017 and the 2nd full month of the website.

If you missed the June 2017 – Month 1 Income Report check it out now!

I am so excited to bring you this months report, with some slightly higher figures I might add.  No, I’m not the next Warren Buffet but positivity is the name of the game.  As long as things are moving in the correct direction then that is A-okay with me!

First I wanna talk about some things ive learned this last month or so:


  • You need incredible patience and drive to be successful in this game – I suppose this applies to any business, however, blogging is probably one of the slowest growing businesses – if you let it be!  You need super passion, commitment and to work your butt off around the clock if you want to make this work quickly for you.  I see bloggers who have been doing this for 3 years and have like 2000 followers on twitter… sorry guys not good enough.  Already, I have 15,000 followers on my combined social media channels.  It’s only been a few months since I decided I was going to start this blog.  I could have far more If I had worked even harder, so guess what next month I am going to do just that.  NO EXCUSES!


  • Forget Advertising – Okay, maybe don’t forget about it all together but I can tell you now, it ain’t going to make you rich anytime soon.  You need like a gazillion viewers to make a decent income from advertising.  If you do, then good for you, but I have certainly learnt already it is not a good business decision to depend on advertising for the main income from your food blog.


  • Affiliate marketing is a great income source – Kinda following on from the last point.  When I discovered It would take me years to gain the amount of traffic required to make good money from advertising I started to look for other ways of monetizing my blog.  The first thing I decided was to offer my own service – which in my case is Food Videography because I love it so much!  The second thing was that affiliate marketing is much more profitable for others (not me just yet) than advertising in the short term.  You can check out more information on Affiliate marketing and general blog monetization in my next post.


I am learning fast and I know some of you will be looking into starting your own food blog or already have.  One thing I could not be doing this without is my Food Blogger Pro membership.  The guys over at Pinch of Yum have a great website totally dedicated to teaching bloggers (more specifically, food bloggers) everything they need to know about the game.  They are amazing and I love them all for the knowledge they have given me to get started with my blog and video making.

There are of course plenty of other places to learn about blogging, but for me, I wanted to learn from the best.  I’m not about to take financial advice from 50 cent right now am I? So, same goes for my blog.

Now let’s get on with what we came here for:

The I Cook The World Income Report – July 2017 – 2nd Month


July Page Views:


Social Media Following:



AdSense – $1.62

Amazon Affiliates – $0.00

Gourmet Ads – $2.51

Food Videography – $570

Total – $574.13


A whopping $0.45 per page view in our 2nd month!  I’m feeling amazing about these results, to be honest! I realise this is not a lot, but guess what, Do I care that I am working my tail off for this amount of money? NO!  I am doing something which I am so passionate about that I will work my tail off forever just to have the privilege to do it.

Just one more thing, some of you are probably wondering where my expenses are… yes you got me.  I know these are not real profits because I haven’t deducted my expenses.  However, at this stage, I want to concentrate as much energy as possible on creating content, totally BEASTING social media and basically just working it!  When I have enough income to spend some more time on accounting I will add the expenses to the income report.  Just be patient okay.

I’d love to hear from any other food bloggers in the early stages, please leave me a comment if you found the Income Report – July 2017 interesting… or not!  I will follow you and get back to you as soon as I can.

Until next month.

Ta ta


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