Income Report August 2017 – Month 3

#income October 10, 2017
Income Report August 2017

Okay, first thing is first, my sincere apologies for how late I am with the August Income Report… I’ve been rather busy.  Better late than never right?


Thank you for taking the time to catch up with our progress, If you have read our previous income reports then you will know we have been reporting our numbers from month 1 (like, the genuine first month we published the website, not when we started making money) I really wanted to be transparent from the very beginning and I think it’s a great reference and reminder for me too.


Publishing income reports from the beginning has given me the kick in the backside required to get things done!  There is no better motivation than the whole world being able to see your results at the click if a finger.


If you missed the first two reports, here they are:


I Cook The World – Income Report – June 2017 – Month 1

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I wanted to take the time to make a video income report every month, but, who knew that would be such a challenge.  I’m a little camera shy to say the least.  I feel totally ridiculous when I see or hear myself and promptly press delete every time I try.  Maybe you guys can leave me some tips on overcoming this fear.


It is very important to work on self-development no matter what your business or career is.  So I am committing to overcoming my fears of the camera to bring you a weekly vlog where I will talk about the recipes I am making and other aspects of having an online business.  Hopefully, I can help inspire anyone who wants to follow this path.  If I can do it, anyone can!


Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for the vlog and to check out all of our food videos.  I will also be documenting our house move to Portugal which is happening in the next few months!  Just wait until you see this beautiful country if you haven’t already!  I’m utterly in love with the peace and serenity our new home is going to bring!


Income Report August 2017


This is it…literally a 1-minute walk from our new home 🙂  I could not be more excited!  Subscribe on the right and follow our Journey!


Okay, enough idle chit-chat, let’s get down to business.


Income and Traffic Report August 2017 – Month 3


First things first I hold my hands up, my foots been off the gas a little this month and it totally shows in the numbers.  It just goes to show how much momentum and patients a blog requires.  So, while I’ve earnt more this month because I’ve been focusing on improving videos and taking on new freelance clients my blog numbers have sadly dwindled.

August Page Views:


Social Media Following:



AdSense – $2.77

Amazon Affiliates – $0.00

Gourmet Ads – $2.60

Food Videography freelance work – $720


Total – $725.30


So we have a significant drop in page views in August, this could have easily been rectified if I had more time on my hands but I made the decision to concentrate in the videography freelancing.  Because of the impending move to Portugal I want to have this alternative to my current income.

I am really pleased with the social media results in August and this is something I feel I have pushed hard from the beginning and its definitely paying off.  Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time to push the blog on social media.  However, As of the 1st of November, I will have someone helping me with this.  More on that in next months report!




To conclude, I just want to tell anyone starting a blog that this report is conclusive evidence what you need to keep working consistently at all times.  Momentum is so important.  The biggest piece of advice I can give you if you are looking to work online as a blogger or influencer of any kind is that offering freelancing services is a great way to top up your income till things really get going for you.

There are so many options:-

  • Photography
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Videography
  • Writing
  • Editing

Have a think about what skills you have and I guarantee there is someone out there looking for help in that area.

Anyways, I’m loving being able to use my passion for cooking every day!  Thanks for reading guys, join us next month for Septembers Income Report – Month 4 or check out all of our recipes here – I cook the world

Chow for now!

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