Coronavirus Quarantine – 13 Foods To Stock Before Isolation

Coronavirus Quarantine

It’s a situation we all hope we never have to experience but, in the past few days, the Coronavirus quarantine has become a very real threat. With millions of people already being in isolation all over the globe. We need to be prepared for the same outcome.

So how do we survive weeks or even months without leaving the house? One of the biggest challenges is ensuring you have enough food at home for you and your family so you can reduce the risks and eliminate the need for supermarket visits.

Coronavirus Quarantine

This is your essential food list for a Coronavirus Quarantine:


It goes without saying rice is the ultimate affordable carb. It fills you up well and can last for a very long time in storage. You can make many dishes with the addition of a little protein fat and vegetable, you will always have a meal.

During the coronavirus outbreak, there will most likely be no problem getting fresh water for the majority but if this is a concern you may find it necessary to fill up some containers or buy some 5-litre bottles before your quarantine.


Cheaper meats like chicken and pork will help you receive adequate protein. However, in this situation, you may wish to use only 1 breast between 2 people so you can have food for longer. Try chopping the meat into small chunks and mixing with rice or pasta and some vegetables.


Like rice, this is an affordable and simple way to eat well. Pasta will last in the cupboard for a long time and all you need is some water and a touch of salt to prepare. Combine with some of the frozen vegetables and tomato puree for a filling meal. Some garlic, mushroom and long-life cream can also make a delicious combination.

Frozen Veg

Coronavirus Quarantine Foods

Fill your freezer up with as many vegetables as possible. You can buy some fresh too but remember these will only be usable for a few days. Your Rice and Pasta will be very filling but to keep your nutrient level up vegetables are essential. Try to include vegetables of many colors into your freezer. Onions and garlic can help transform the rice and pasta into something much more enjoyable. Carrots, peas, and peppers are all great too.

Stock Cubes or Bullion

Though I wouldn’t usually recommend these, in these circumstances we are going to need something to transform quite bland staple foods into something tasty. You can use the broths made with the stock cubes to make soups, liven up rice dishes, or even just to make a hot salty drink. They will last a long time in your cupboard too.


I know, more carbs. But, if we don’t have much storage or are short on cash we need to be thrifty and wise. A big sack of potatoes can be kept somewhere dark and cool and will last for weeks.

You can make some simple potato soup with just some carrot and onion added with the stock cubes mentioned above and you have some lunch you can keep in the refrigerator for days.

Long Life Milk (UHT)

Again, it’s not something I’d normally use but this little devil could be a lifesaver. Make some porridge oats, rice pudding or even just a warm milk drink to help the kids sleep (this may become an issue when they are stuck indoors every day).

It’s also possible to make risotto with some milk and broth, it won’t be quite the same as a creamy cheese risotto but it will be a nice change if you are stuck at home for a long time.


1 or 2 bulk bags of flour will be a good addition to your list. With this, you will be able to make some pancakes, bread or even some cakes. Get creative, this one will also save you from the boredom being home for so long. And, if you don’t need it all during your quarantine it will last a long time afterward too.


Boiled Eggs, Fried Eggs, Poached Eggs, French Toast with the bread you just baked with the flour I just mentioned. Eggs can make a meal all on their own. They are nutritious and affordable. Add to some fried rice for some extra protein or use bake something different. You will be amazed at home many things you can make with just egg, milk, and four.

Pickled everything

Anything Pickled will keep well. Pickled onions, pickled eggs, mixed pickles, sour kraut, kimchi. All super nutritious and will help top up your vitamin levels which you may be losing out on from fresh fruit and vegetables.

Oil or Butter

For baking and cooking, you are going to need a little fat. I am storing some blocks of butter but more importantly some good quality olive oil to provide my family with some healthy fat. You can ration this so you are only using a very small amount at one time so it will last throughout your time at home.


Whilst on the subject of healthy fats, nuts are a great addition to your panic room pantry. Healthy fats and high in protein a few nuts each day will really help with the vitamin intake too. They last for a long time and can be stored easily anywhere at home with no trouble.

Tinned Fish

The final food on the list is tinned fish, again this can be a great source of omega 3 and omega 6 fats. Fish is also a mood enhancer, which you may need after being stuck at home for weeks with the kids. Sardines, Mackerel, and Tuna can all be found in cans and stored for a long time. Though they are not as nutritious as their fresh counterparts, in the current situation they will definately be beneficial.

Coronavirus Quarantine Conclusion

Stay safe everyone and don’t forget the essentials like toilet rolls, and things to keep you entertained.

Take the opportunity to practice some mindfulness and exercise indoors with some Yoga or pilates. It is also very important to get sunlight and even if you only have a small garden or balcony. If it is safe to do so, try and spend a half-hour or more on there every day.

My final tip is to practice some breathing techniques such as the Wim Hof Method. This legend has proven to fight off diseases simply by using breathing techniques and cold water. Both of which you can practice in the comfort of your own home if you have a coronavirus quarantine. And, both of which can help prevent the coronavirus.

For more information and daily updates on the Coronavirus check the Worldometers Website.

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