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Canadian Cuisine - Canada Dishes

Explore nature, the beautiful mountains, and live the complete traveller experience in our beautiful country. However, no vacation is whole without trying extraordinary Canadian Cuisine.

Want to savour the delicious Canadian Cuisine that everyone talks about when they return home? From ancient recipes to delicious and tasty desserts, these iconic dishes will make your mouth water. 

Across the country, you’ll discover international and Canadian cuisine and tons of delicious food that you won’t forget. Whether you visited us and didn’t have the chance to try all these or this is your first trip, you must savour all these revolutionizing dishes.

Canadian Cuisine

Begin your journey and checklist these national treasures. Here are the top fifteen Canada dishes to discover this year and where you can find each one of them across the country.

Canadian Cuisine #1 – POUTINE

Canadian Cuisines

Invented in Quebec in the 1950s, this authentic and tasty meal is one you won’t leave Canada without tasting. Homemade French fries, chunky and squeaky cheese curds generously slathered in gravy, what can you ask more than this?

Poutines come in every variation and form. Amongst favourites are smoked meat poutine, ground beef, and bacon. Every topping is possible on poutine, from a variety of vegetables to smoked meat. Your experience is entirely customizable with your choice of sauce and fries.

A quick-served Canada dish, you’ll find yourself craving this every time.

From Poutini’s house of poutine in Toronto and La Belle Patate in Canmore, Alberta, this gourmet meal is well-known across Canada.

Canadian Cuisine #2 – TOURTIERE

Another Qu?becois favourite, this crispy and savoury pie, is available throughout Canada. A pastry and flaky pie crust, this meal is packed with veal and ground beef.

Often made with fresh potatoes and onions, this dish is a traditional holiday meal that is brought back from generation to generation.

Seasoned lightly with salt, pepper, cinnamon, and cloves, this pie is amongst the tastiest. Few dishes can compare to this ancient century-old tourti?re. Often paired with a dash of ketchup for flavour, this meal is one that won’t leave your stomach growling.

Easily made in your kitchen, this delicacy is considered one of the best at Aux Anciens Canadiens in Quebec City, and the Pie Commission in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Canadian Cuisine #3 – MAPLE SYRUP

Locally made, this delicacy is an excellent addition to any meal. Sweet and bold in flavour, Canadian syrup is harvested from sap in the middle of the season to embellish your cooking experience. A breakfast topper, a dessert or meat glaze, or even an addition to your ice cream, this heritage topping is one you won’t want to miss.

Canada makes 85% of maple’s syrup supply and is among the best garnish ingredients to add taste to a meal. Medium, amber, or dark maple syrup is locally made and among the top components to add flavour to any recipes. Lovingly handcrafted, featuring characters are cinnamon, honey, and a subtle dash of caramel.

Personal favourites are Aldi Canadian Maple Syrup and Escuminac Organic maple syrup which can easily be found in the UK too.

Maple Syrup Canada

Canadian Cuisine #4 – KETCHUP CHIPS

Who doesn’t enjoy a good old bag of chips? Curled chips, whole or crunched, this salty snack goes with about everything.

Ketchup flavoured chips made an appearance in the early 1970s and became an old favourite. Heavy tomato flavour, a subtle dash of onions and garlic, these iconic chips are both exciting and bold.

Nowadays, ketchup chips are in every junk food section in Canada. With remarkable popularity across the country, these are a version of salt and vinegar chips without the acidic taste.

Canadian Cuisine #5 – BEAVER TAILS

This true Canadian Cuisine classic is the most delicious dessert since 1978. Although originating from BeaverTails Pastry, several retailers appeared to offer their own twist on the traditional beaver tails. This sumptuous dough stretches to duplicate a beaver’s tail and garnished with all the ingredients you can imagine.

The traditional beavertail is fried to perfection with a dash of cinnamon. Better yet, garnish this dish with everything you can imagine completing this one of a kind dessert. From Nutella, smarties, banana’s, ice cream, and Reese’s pieces, this unique dessert is a delicious combination that isn’t comparable.

You can find beaver tails in all Beavertails locations located across Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.


With sensational seafood from one coast to another, Nova Scotian lobster rolls are a Canadian favourite. A delicious and inexpensive meal, this tender meat is soaked in butter, mayo, and seasoned lightly with celery.

On a hotdog bun, this Eastern meal is greasy and perfectly grilled. Best paired with a glass of wine, this exotic dish is the seafood alternative to grilled cheese.

Any local eatery in Nova Scotia will claim to have the best lobster rolls in town. The Bicycle Thief and McKelvie’s are sure to deliver this divine Canadian experience.

Canadian Cuisine #7 – BUTTER TARTS

This rich and delicious dessert dates from the 19th century. Sumptuous and a Canadian delicacy, you won’t be able to stop eating these desserts. Crumbly pastry with a gooey centre, the centre is made with eggs, butter, and sugar filling.

With a dash of maple syrup, this delicate pastry can’t get any better! Whether these tarts are best with a runny or firm filling, plain or with raisins, these recipes are easily adaptable and delicious.

All local bakeries across the country serve butter tarts, but it’s truly worth your time to make a detour in Ontario, the province where it all started. The Baker Sister in Toronto is known for its Maple Key Tart, and in Kenilworth, Ontario, you can even experience the Butter Tart Trail!

Canadian Cuisine #8 – MONTREAL STYLE BAGELS

Montreal style bagels are the sweeter and smoky version of the traditional bagel.  These bagels are boiled in honey flavoured water to sweeten the flavoury and then smoked and roasted in the fire oven!

These bagels are crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and garnished with poppy or sesame seeds. This distinctive bagel has a larger whole and is among the tastiest.

Available throughout the country, the two top contenders are St-Viateur and Fairmount Bagels, which refine the art of bagel tasting.

Canadian Cuisine #9 – BLOODY CAESARS

While tomatoes and clams with a dash of Worcestershire sauce seem odd, this iconic cocktail is a national favourite. Savoury, bloody and garnished with bacon; this cocktail is easily customizable to fit every taste!

Rich and a bit spicy, you can adjust the heat just like you like it.  Served with a salt-rimmed glass and garnished with celery, this drink will become an all-time favourite. Add that unexpected twist of flavours and satisfy your alcohol craving with this summery cocktail.

A Caesar is amongst is the easiest to find. A popular menu item in restaurants and bars, Cilantro and Chive in Lancombe, Alberta, and La Terrasse in Ottawa, Ontario, provide the best experience. For those adventurous folks, it’s also the easiest to make in the comfort of your own home.

Canadian Cuisine #10 – JOS LOUIS

Behold, this is the most iconic Canadian classic. Jos Louis! Invented in 1932 by the company Vachon, this snack-size cake is made with two red velvet rounds and filled with creamy icing.

Milk chocolate slathered over this pastry; this sweet gem is embellishing Canadian lunches for the past decade.

Jos Louis is in any local supermarkets or big brand retailers across the country. Mostly packaged in bulk, these gourmet snacks are both affordable and an iconic dessert in Canadian history.

Canadian Cuisine #11 – SALMON JERKY

Salmon Jerky Canada

Why have beef jerky when you can exchange it with salmon jerky? Healthy and full of Omega 3 without compromising on taste, Salmon is a true Canadian Cuisine classic. This versatile snack is smoked naturally with alder smoke and preservative-free. This meat marinades for 8 to 10 hours, air dries, and slow-smokes for approximately 24 hours.

Try this delightful dessert with a dash of teriyaki, hot sauce, or slightly peppered. This flavored jerky is in retails locations all over Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, and Calgary.

Canadian Cuisine #12 – DONAIRS

An East Coast favorite, donairs are a late-night meal among the tastiest of all. Heavily spiced ground beef is shaved and sprinkled all over a Lebanese style pita. Tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables of your choice generously garnish this soft pita. The sandwich is lavished with delicious garlic sauce and lightly grilled on the grill.

Soft and juicy, these sandwiches are wrapped in tinfoil and enjoyed over a side of garlic potatoes. Greasy, sweet, and meaty, these late-night snacks are available on every street corner.

In the early 1970s, donairs appeared in a small location in Halifax. Within a few years, from pizza stores, Lebanese to Chinese retailers, all these locations carry their variation of donairs. A Canadian Foods Kebab if you like.

Canadian Cuisine #13 – TIMBITS

Timbits Canada

Coffee shop chain Tim Hortons is one of the most popular Canadian Foods retailers across the country. While donut holes do not exist in Canada, Timbits are the fair comparison!

With a dozen different flavors, these little delicacies snuggle their way in every event: meeting, birthday party, or road trip.

These snacks come in a box of 10, 20, or 40. Whether assorted or carefully chosen, you can pair Timbits with a coffee or hot chocolate to fully benefit from its flavors.

The most common flavor options are honey crullers, chocolate glazed, apple fritter, strawberry filled, and sour cream glazed.

From the East to the West coast, Tim Hortons is in every city. If there’s a convenience store or a shopping mall, without a doubt, you will find a Tim Horton location.

Canadian Cuisine #14 – Crown Royale Sortilege Maple Whisky

Canadian Drinks

You really can’t get a more Canadian drink than Maple Whisky. A unique blend of Canadian Whisky and pure maple syrup, this combination makes a flavorful and rich balance. It may not be Canadian Cuisine, but it must be included on your list of thing to try.

Rich, golden flavor and sweet, this tasty drink is served on ice, poured in the coffee, or with a succulent dessert.

This fine spirit can also give the final touch to your cooking. A wonderful aroma to complement with meat, this Canadian whiskey is a wonderful feature in various dishes.

A popular drink on the East Coast, you can find these drinks in Sortilege locations in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Canadian Cuisine #15 – Traditional Bannock

This marvelous flatbread is an important representation of indigenous cultures in Canada. Bannocks made an early appearance in the 18th century and became popular due to its accessibility and how filling they are.

Whole wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, milk, and water are the main ingredients to this delicacy. An easy and traditional meal, this dish can easily be infused with flavor.  Spice, dried fruits, or flavoring agents create a variety and customized Bannock experience.

Available in local bakeries across Canada, enjoy this succulent biscuit with a hot drink, butter, or homemade jam!

What’s your favorite Canadian Foods? Are there more you think we should add to the list? Please let us know in the comments.

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