The Best Bench Mixer

the best food mixers

Let?s take a look at the best food mixer on the market right now. 

Whether you are looking to buy a gift for the foodie in your life.  Or, are looking to make life easier in your own kitchen.  You know today?s electronic bench mixers are a great addition to any kitchen gadget collection.

But, just which one is best? And, how much money do you really need to spend? Let?s find out.

Today will take a look at some of the latest mixers and of course some of the old classics too.

As with everything these days I just don?t think they make them like they used to.  My gran has an old Kenwood mixer which is fully functional after 60 years of use.  Impressive right?

So this is the obvious place to start our best bench mixer list:

Kenwood Chef XL Elite – Best Bench Mixer???

I’m not sure it’s going to last quite as long, but it’s still as popular as it was back in the 50’s. It comes in at the highest price of all the machines we will look at. But, worth every penny in my opinion. 

If you have a big family or use your mixer for business this is the one for you. With an extra-large 6.7 liter bowl, there will be no more cooking in batches.  

It comes with the K whisk, dough hook, and egg whisk. Plus, you can buy almost any attachment you could possibly need. This avoids the need to have more appliances cluttering up your kitchen work surface.  Try the multi mill attachment for grinding spices and coffee, its great for making baby food too. It comes with 3 sealable glass jars you can store for later.

Overall the daddy of bench mixers, with some glowing reviews on Amazon. I don?t think you can go wrong with this machine.  

At the time of publishing the price in the UK is ?499 (around $640 in the US).

Aucma Stand Mixer

At a very cool ?106 (around $136) this is one awesome machine.  I really love the color options (blue, black, silver, red, and champagne) and I for one think this is a bargain.  It does what it says on the tin and it looks pretty funky while doing it with a cool LED glow around the control button.

The reviews are outstanding and I?d say some smart people who opted not to pay a premium for a brand name made a very good decision.

The Aucma bench mixer has the same 1400w motor as the Kenwood chef and offers the same 3 mixing attachments too (though with a leaf shape rather than the signature K from the previous option).  And, with a whopping 6.2-liter bowl, you can still cater to the masses – quite literally.

Unfortunately, you cannot add other attachments to this mixer.  So if you are looking for a processor or blender to boot, this is not the machine for you.  But, if you are only in the market for a stand mixer, which looks cool and is pretty inexpensive, this is the one for you.

Amazon Basics Stand Mixer – The Best Food Mixer?

Okay, it probably isn?t going to survive 50 years of use like some of the Kenwood mixers might and it only comes in black.  But if you can see past these 2 points and you just need something cheap and cheerful then the amazon basics stand mixer is a great option.

A smaller 4.5 liter bowl means this is best for a small family or single person kitchen.  

The smaller 800w motor offers enough power for mixing in most situations and this little bargain still comes with the 3 mixing attachments you would expect from any of the best bench mixers. 

At a really cheerful ?65 (or around $85), can you really go wrong? I think not!

Of course, I would love to see a different color option to brighten up your kitchen, but if you are all about simple and functional then this is a perfect choice.

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KitchenAid Artisan

Okay, let?s jump back up to the top end of the budget, at a whopping ?499 (or $648) is the KitchenAid really more than something that just looks really awesome in the room.  It comes in a multitude of colors, the apple green is my personal favorite. I?m sure everyone can find a color to match their kitchen or personality.

It?s a powerful and well-built machine, But, I can help the feeling that it’s the more shallow and vein little brother of the Kenwood Elite.  You can of course add more attachments to this mixer but there is not a processor or a blender option. Which are 2 things I love about the Kenwood.

All that aside, this is a stylish machine with a 4.8-liter bowl, and even though the motor is only 300w. I see nothing but glowing praise for this nifty little machine all over the web.

Conclusion for the Best Food Mixer?

You can probably tell from my writing I?m a diehard Kenwood fan. It would be pretty hard to convince me differently.  I love the versatility and the huge amount of attachments for the Kenwood chef XL and the smaller versions. 

For me, the winner on a lower budget would have to be the Aucma Stand Mixer. It?s just a great deal financially and looks really fun too.

For the high-end budget it must be the Kenwood Chef XL Elit. They last for a lifetime, they have a great guarantee, and they offer so many different attachments.  In my book, if you are going to do something do it properly and the Kenny (as we call mine at home) will help you do that every time.

Happy baking my friends!

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