Our Family

Hello, and thank you for coming to find out a little more about me and my family… where do I start?

Okay, I’m Nicola, head chef in the Turner household and mother of two beautiful girls; Logan and Kyla who are absolutely loopy loo, crazy chick, mad girls, but still beautiful!

And wife to Kevin my beloved husband, my rock and my best friend in the world.  He is the gardener of the family, so all our delicious recipes are created with fresh and colourful herbs and vegetables which are home grown as often as possible.

Our family is on a rather incredible journey.  We have purchased a new home over 1000 miles away in Central Portugal.  We plan to relocate there as soon as possible.  Financially and physically, moving so far away, takes so much longer than expected.

Let me tell you a bit about why I decided to start this blog!


I am crazy, mad, obsessed with food and cooking.  What better way to enjoy my passion than to do it every single day and share it with the world while helping other people too.

Our whole family enjoy trying food from around the world, so I want to bring you easy recipes so you can also make all of these wonderful foods at home.  I try to make healthier versions of the recipes as much as possible, however, there may be a few treats thrown in for good measure!


While living in Portugal our income will be purely online.  This means the blog will help support us in our quest for a better life for our children.  I also work as a virtual assistant online!  I’m not so nieve to expect the blog to support us fully!  Not for a while anyway.  You can check out our income reports here to see how we are progressing.


This is really important to me.  I want to help people who are hungry and I want our kids to be a huge part of this, so they can learn the values of life and appreciate everything they have.  I’m a little sceptical about charitable organisations.  Take a look at our charity page to see if we can find a way to offer a more direct approach to feeding the world.  Until we figure this out I pledge to donate 5% of all of the blogs profits to Feed the Children.

Our Journey

To document our journey of the fast paced life in the UK to the totally chilled out, quiet and secluded life in Castelo Branco, Central Portugal, food is number 1 on the website.  We will also keep you posted on our house renovations, garden progression, and all other aspects of our impending Portuguese life.


We hope you will follow us on our journey of discovery and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, requests, or just want to say Hi!  I’d really love to hear from anyone who lives in the Castelo Branco area too!

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