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#blog April 15, 2018
A Move Abroad To Portugal

So as you might have guessed, we both fell in love with the property in the mountain with the stunning village view.  We were ready to make a move abroad.  If you missed that bit check out last weeks post:-

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Or rewind to the beginning of our journey:-

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We fell in love with the stunning country of Portugal and now we have found the perfect forever home for our family.  We knew there would be lots of work to do, but that is one of the reasons we adored it so much.  After all, Kevin needs something to keep him busy in his retirement.

We took a couple of months to make our final decision to buy the house, and then it took a whole year for the sale to go through.  It can take a while in the UK but if any one has every bought in Spain or Portugal you will know they have a very laid back attitude to most things.

We were looking for a very small mortgage originally and this caused us all sorts of problems and lots of expense.  In the end to get the deal pushed through we raised the money at home and opted not to bother with the mortgage.  Although, if it were any other property I think it would have been a little more straight forward.  The house was owned by an association which complicated the paperwork for our bank.


If I was to offer some advice for purchasing a property in Portugal or any foreign country it would be the following:-


  • Don’t allow the estate agent to hook you up with a solicitor, mortgage adviser or any other professional. Although most are trustworthy, this will eliminate any risk of them working together on any fraudulent activity (it does happen but not as common as people would have you believe).


  • If at all possible, always try to raise funds in your own country. This eliminates the language barrier, and you will have a lot less stress in the beginning.   We were in the fortunate position we only needed to raise a very small amount as we had large deposit over many years, so we got a personal loan for the remainder of the monies required so we are mortgage free (whoop whoop).


  • Drop all your expectations – the process WILL take a lot longer to process than in the UK or US.   If you are uptight about moving things along quickly you are just going to upset yourself and be disappointed.  Take this time to appreciate the new life you are making for yourself, researching the area, and finding some amazing places you might want to visit when the process does complete and you make the move.


A Move Abroad… Finally!


Eventually word came for us around 12 months after first viewing the house.  The sale had completed.  We were ecstatic to say the least and we made arrangements to pick up the keys as soon as we could.  Driving was our best option.  We wanted to take some tools etc so my builder husband could begin some work on the new place.

I had driven through France and Spain multiple times, but my husband had never experienced this trip before (and he thought he never would again) it was pretty torturous spending almost 3 days in the front cab of a van.  We took 1 whole day to get from Calais to the North of Spain then another day across Spain and into Portugal.  Only the excitement kept us going.

Needless to say, we drove straight to the Estate Agents where the keys to our new property awaited us.

Now, let us just say im a rather emotional person…I pretty much cried that whole day.  I held back in front of the estate agent.  But then stood crying in the middle of the supermarket next door with the keys in my hands.

We had waited so long for this and we were both over the moon to be finally going back to the property after so long.

Income Report August 2017

Once again we took the never ending trip around the winding roads,  I tried to hold back my joyful tears with little luck.  I wanted to capture some film of the moment we parked up and opened the front door so we could show the children when we returned back home, but even that was a challenge with the excitement we were feeling.

When we finally arrived were noticing new things constantly we hadn’t seen last time or we had forgotten about, we definitely underestimated the work we had to do, that was for sure.  But we didn’t mind.  It was going to be just perfect… eventually!


Now we are making the final move abroad!


This was all around 8 months ago and now I’m actually sitting on the Ferry doing the final journey with Kevin to take our belongings to our new home (who thought that would be such a challenge!!!) Next week I will bring the kids over on a flight and finally we will bring the Pick Up over and the move will be complete at last.

To be honest I don’t know where this Diary Blog will go next.  It might be about the kids transitioning or the renovation of the new house, the growth of this food blog and other business matters.  All which allow us to live our dream life in our favourite country.

One thing is for sure it is sure to be eventful and challenging moving the whole family to a new country.

If we can get this far, anyone can do it.  If you are not happy in any aspect of your life you must make a change!


Good luck and see you all next time!


If you are interested in finding out more about what its like to live in Portugal check out 8 Miles From Home.  Jmayel and Sacha have been documenting their life in Portugal with their beautiful baby and dog.  Their videos helped us make some decisions about making a move abroad to the beautiful country of Portugal!



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Have you every thought about starting a food blog or been interested how bloggers make money?  Take a look at my latest Bloggers Post – The Truth About Starting A Food Blog and feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you have any questions about a move abroad, a food blog or anything else for that matter.  I love chatting with you guys!


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